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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Should TIDEians Listen To Gedolim?

During the same talk mentioned in the previous post, Rabbi Dr. Sid Z. Leiman said to the mostly non-Chareidi crowd that when Gedolim speak, we need to listen. I was surprised by this, but, in retrospect, I'm not sure why. I agree with him.

Of course, this begs the question of how a non-Chareidi can listen to Chareidi Gedolim and remain non-Chareidi!

I would like to make this the subject of a future post. Briefly, I think a TIDEian might differ from many Chareidim in this area, as follows:

If there is evidence that:

1) the source that broadcasted the Gadol's words is unreliable; or

2) the Gadol spoke regarding circumstances that are unique to Chareidim; or

3) the Gadol spoke for the general public, but an individual's circumstances warrant a different course; or

3) our own TIDEian Gedolim clearly disagreed with the position that this Gadol took; or

4) the Gadol was misled by extremists (since we can assume that a Gadol is normally able to filter out misinformation from extremists, this one would need a high degree of verification);

then a TIDEian, in consultatation with his rav, would include these factors when deciding to what extent he will act on the Gadol's words.

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