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“There is a popular notion that, unlike Hasidism and Musar, which attempted to deepen the religious experience of the Jew, the Hirschian system aimed at merely preserving Judaism against the onslaught of Western culture. It is our conviction that this notion is erroneous. Study of R. Hirsch's writings and commentaries has been for many a most effective source of Musar, deepening our spiritual grasp of Judaism.”---Rabbi Shelomoh Danziger, last paragraph of http://www.stevens.edu/golem/llevine/rsrh/Clarification%20of%20RSRH_danziger.pdf

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To the three commenters:

Rabbi Seif:

Thanks for the correction, I updated the "RSRH4ALL" link on the list of links.

I only wish I had more time to develop this site, so that I would get more traffic that could be sent your way.

I wish you much success in spreading Rav Hirsch's ideas!

Avi from BM of TIDE

Neil HarrisJune 12, 2012 10:29 PM
Just found your blog and I am really impressed with your links. I was the one who gave Dr. Levine the R Schiller article "The forgotten Humanism of RSRH".

My TIDE chevra of friends and I always believe that Moriah was meant to be more worldview/mussar based, in keeping with the idea of Torah [Choreiv] im Derech Eretz [Moriah].

Hope you don't mind I'll be linking your blog.


I loved that article! Thanks for supplying it to Dr. Levine.

I wish I had a TIDE chevra of friends; how do I join? :-)

Great idea re: Moriah and Choreiv.

Thanks for the link.

Avi from BM of TIDE

To the Anonymous commenter on the "First Steps" post: no doubt that there are explainers of the term "Derech Eretz" that see it as earning a living. Rav Hirsch's explanation includes this, but he sees it as being much more broad, and including more concepts. You might want to download Prof. Breuer's essays on The TIDE of R' Hirsch--see links on the list to the right.